Thursday, April 2: Arlene Osborne

Arlene is a multi-talented artist who works in many mediums, including oils, acrylics, and watercolor.  Today she brought her painterly skills to a landscape in oil pastels.  Working on Ampersand Pastelbord, a hard panel with a somewhat gritty surface, she first roughed in some shapes to establish her composition.  Arlene had prepared a sketch to work from inspired by the central region of the Willamette Valley.
Arlene used Gamsol odorless mineral spirits along with the oil pastels to blend the colors together and to help keep layers thin since oil pastels can build up pretty thickly.  She used brushes and a variety of scraping tools, (even dental tools!) to apply and scrape away fine details.   It was fun to see her piece take shape throughout the afternoon as she added layers and details to sky, trees, water, and reflections.  Arlene took her piece home to add some finishing touches.  The final image below is the finished piece. 

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