Friday, April 3: Serena Barton

Serena often works in collage and encaustic as well as oils.  For a single-afternoon painting she chose to work with oil colors on their own.  Serena often pays tribute in her work to women who have shaped history or touched her own life.  Today’s painting was a portrait of her great grandmother, inspired by a lovely photograph.
Serena really takes advantage of the opportunity that oil paints give an artist to adjust and rework an image.  Starting with an underpainting of simple shapes in solid colors, she blended in layers, added color, removed paint and added more paint in a process that brought out increasing subtlety, warmth, and personality in her painting and her subject.
Like Arlene Osborne who painted yesterday, Serena decided she needed a bit more time to finish her painting.   We’re looking forward to seeing the completed piece.  The fifth picture shows the portrait at the end of the afternoon.  Quite a transformation in the span of one afternoon!

update, 4/6:  Serena returned with her finished painting this morning.  The painting  is recognizable as the piece from a few days ago, but has taken on quite a different look — a real testament to the mutability of oil paint as a medium as well as the fluidity of the creative process!

One response to “Friday, April 3: Serena Barton

  1. I like the final version, but I also think maybe I shoulda left it where it was Friday at the end of the day…sometimes the mutability of the artist is even greater than the mutability of the paint, smile.

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