Saturday, April 4: Shannon Mayorga

This was the first day that has really felt like Spring, and Shannon’s painting brought together a number of ideas and influences that captured the brightness and vibrancy of the day.  Spring flowers, music, pop culture and ancient culture all make an appearance in his piece.   His piece also strikes a nice balance of simplicity in composition and intricacy in detail.
In the lower left corner is a “time-stamp” of today’s date in the Mayan calendar.  A nice touch, we thought, for this project of daily paintings.  The details in this piece will take some more time to finish.  We’ll post the finished image soon.

Update 4/19/09:   Shannon’s finished painting has been added to our exhibit. In addition to the detail work on the flowers, he added a lighter layer to the background that makes his subject really pop out.  In the upper right corner is the chemical symbol for caffeine – a record of one of the hidden ingredients in many artists work!

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