Sunday, April 5: Jason Kappus

Jason focused on realistic portraits for many years, but as he explored what he could do with materials and processes, he found abstract painting more interesting and rewarding.
Jason started this piece by finding a pictorial reference of a natural texture that was of interest to him.  He altered the image on the computer to find shapes, patterns, and colors that he could develop into a composition.
Jason then sketched a pattern and started filling in areas of color.  From there, his painting follows a process of layering and adjusting hues and values until the work satisfies his eye and artistic sensibilities.  The resulting works convey textural, fluid, and luminous qualities free of associations with specific objects or settings. 
This style of painting requires time to let layers dry, so Jason will wait a few days to complete his piece, then we’ll post an image of the finished painting.

UPDATE, 4/16/09:  Jason picked his work up last week and brought it back in today with more thin layers and subtle blending that give his piece increased depth and richness.  The final picture below shows the results

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