Monday, April 6: Mandy Main

Before she started today, Mandy had taken her canvas home and painted a light yellow-gold color over the entire surface.  This provided a warm background rather than stark white to build on top of.  The “toned” background shows through where the paints are transparent, giving a warm tone to the whole painting and keeping all the colors relating to each other.
Mandy based her painting on a photograph she had taken and used a carefully chosen palette of colors to capture the light and colors of the setting. Starting with fairly loose brushstrokes, Mandy started to sketch in the forms of hills, ground, and clouds, giving her strokes a deliberate direction that began to establish the feeling of movement and energy that comes through in the finished piece.  After mapping out the major features of her painting with some of the darkest and lightest areas, Mandy added mid-tone colors in increasingly precise brushstrokes and blended colors to create a flowing landscape.

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