Wednesday, April 8: Michael Fields

Michael quickly went from a white surface to a dense mix of lines and brushstrokes in ink and acrylic paint.  Although very complex in visual texture, the piece remained quite simple in use of color, using mainly white, black, and variations of red, yellow, and blue.  Michael alternated between applying ink and paint, usually with brushes, and adding intricated details with pens.  As he added detail and complexity, he also simplified his surface by going back over some areas with opaque white paint.
Michael stood back from his piece frequently to get some distance from the details and look at the overall effect.  At a certain point, he stopped, put the work on an easel, stood back, turned the panel in several directions, and looked for a shape or subject.  A polar bear?  A seahorse?  A rabbit?   More white paint, and suddenly an elephant had emerged.
Michael will add more lines and details to enhance the character and definition of the shape he’s created before his work goes up on the wall.  Check back in a couple days for the final image…

One response to “Wednesday, April 8: Michael Fields

  1. Really cool to see Mike’s process in pictures. Thanks for posting the works in progress.

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