Thursday, April 9: Kelly Neidig

Kelly’s stylized landscapes in oils are elegantly simple, with an emphasis on the expressive qualities of color.  Kelly began by covering her white canvas with bright yellow.   She then began adding staggered lines of color from her palette of warm reds and earth tones and light blues and greens.
Kelly used a straight-edge of the type that house painters use to lay in straight lines and keep each new color from mixing with the paint next to it.  She said that in some of her paintings she will paint lines without a straight edge when the goal is a more organic and less structured look.
Kelly’s placement of each color is as important as her overall selection of colors to give her landscapes a sense of place, volume and mood.  Her use of color gives a sense of solid ground, airy sky, light, depth and warmth (or cold, depending on the painting.)
In addition to her work as an artist, Kelly is an organizer for Portland Open Studios self-guided studio tour, celebrating its 10th year this Fall.  With all the artists stopping through Muse today and Kelly painting right by the front door, it felt like Artist Networking Central!  A fun day, some great conversation, and another beautiful painting!

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