Saturday, April 11: Jody Katopothis

After a week of mostly oil painters, today’s artist, Jody Katopothis, worked with acrylics.  Since acrylics dry quickly, Jody was able to apply paint in fairly thick layers without each layer mixing into the paint underneath.  The thicker applications of paint also create texture,  although Jody’s finished painting will have a mostly smooth surface when she applies clear acrylic layers over the top. The final transparent layer and the transparent acrylic medium that Jody uses along with her paint allow the viewer to see through and into the layers, creating more depth than opaque layers that would appear as a single flat surface.
Jody had applied a few layers before starting today to begin building this depth – bright blue, followed by a very thin layer of white, followed by a transparent acrylic gel.  Over this background, she painted areas of thicker, more opaque color, using a brush in some places and a painting knife in others.  Using a painting knife helps make hard-edged shapes and lines, but also creates texture.  The areas where Jody uses a knife sometimes have deliberately uneven coverage that lets the colors in lower layers peek through.  Jody used a brush for smaller details and accents.  The final stage will be adding clear acrylic layers that fill in some of the rougher texture and add additional depth for light to travel through before it bounces off the colors and back to our eyes.

One response to “Saturday, April 11: Jody Katopothis

  1. This painting has crisp, inviting colors.
    Very Mediterranean. I want to go into this building. It is welcoming. Good painting!

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