Monday, April 13: David Wien

In addition to his paintings, David creates pen-and-ink drawings in a style that involves lots of detail with almost fractal-like shapes and lines that fill his page.  The painting that David worked on today is much in the same style, with the addition color, creating another level of detail.  This intricate style can take a long time to paint each layer and line, even with fast-drying acrylics.
David came in today having already put a lot of work into his painting.  Most of the time he worked today was spent in adding dark lines to the patterns and shapes on his canvas.
It is always interesting to see the personalized tools and equipment that artists adapt for their specific styles and techniques.  Since he was working mostly with a single color at a time and with a small brush, David kept his paint supply in his hand close to his canvas, using cut-off bottoms of plastic bottles rather than a palette.  He lets the paint dry in these bottles and adds fresh paint to the top when he paints again.  A great way to reuse plastic bottles, and to avoid putting paint down the drain with no palettes to wash!
David’s detailed painting looks finished to us, but he took it with him to do some more work.  We’ll see the final result soon.

UPDATE, 4-14-09:  The last picture is David’s finished painting, with some new details like colored lines in the leaves on the left and additional accents of color.  Some of the patterns and details wrap around to the edges of the painting, too — come see it in person!

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