Thursday, April 16: Jordan Domont

Jordan has developed a singular style of painting with brightly colored inks on matte-surface mylar.  He creates his images with a limited number of transparent colors, building layers of ink  to create a wider range of blended colors.  He draws his images on paper first, then lays the translucent mylar over his paper and uses his drawing as a guide for painting.
Although he often creates portraits, Jordan chose a jellyfish as his subject today.  He had already created a composite image on his computer with the shape and composition he wanted to use as a reference. The transparent, flowing, luminous shapes of this particular subject seem especially well suited to Jordan’s style and technique.  He worked with his surface flat on a table for most of the day, then place his work vertically on an easel toward the end to allow some of the ink to flow down the page for extra visual interest.
The medium of ink on mylar leaves almost no room for changing one’s mind or doing things over.  Transparent inks won’t cover up mistakes, and once the ink is on the mylar, the color cannot be removed.  Given the challenges of his medium, we’re especially glad that Jordan was willing to work in a public setting with so many potential distractions!

One response to “Thursday, April 16: Jordan Domont

  1. Provocative subject; illuminating elements. Bravo!
    All my best, Theresa

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