Wednesday, April 15: Theresa Andreas-O’Leary

By coincidence, today’s artist had some things in common with yesterday’s artist as far as subject and process.  One of Theresa’s favorite subjects, like Monte yesterday, is trees.  Both artists build their paintings with layers of colored brushstrokes that allow bright underlayers to show through.  Even with some similarity in approach, though, ultimately the process and final results reflect the invidual vision and style of each artist.
Theresa started today with an underpainting of bright orange overlayed with wide blue lines and yellow circles.  At first glance, this first layer may not look like  it relates to the final image Theresa is planning, but the blues and yellows establish the areas of sky and bright light that will be coming through the trees that she paints on top.  Theresa had also drawn in the shapes of tree limbs based on a photo reference.  Once she’d painted in the tree trunks and branches, the image and the effect of the underlayers became clear.  From there, Theresa added brighter greens and yellows that define the foliage of the trees and the light coming through the leaves. Many of Theresa’s brushstrokes are in small rectangular shapes, following the linear pattern of her underpainting.  These brush patterns enhance the verticality of Theresa’s composition and are reminiscent of stained-glass, giving her trees a cathedral-like feeling of both contemplation and grandeur.
Theresa will bring her finished work back to display soon.  We’ll post the finished image shortly.

Update: 4/19/09:  The last image shows Theresa’s completed work.  Her beautiful painting is enhanced by a clear varnish that really makes it shine!

7 responses to “Wednesday, April 15: Theresa Andreas-O’Leary

  1. The image that she used as inspiration is from the Loire Valley in France.
    Keep on painting!

  2. Beautifil work Teri!!

  3. She is a visionary and her paintings are reflections of her soul’s movement using the choir of paint and her hands as the vessels by which to share. The painting’s light circles along with the vertical lines are her trademark and combine to create an underlying energy flow that brings the canvas to life. And the dance continues…

  4. I loved watching you work. I look forward to seeing your completed painting.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. This is simply BEAUTIFUL Terrie! I love the way your work has progressed over the years from the horizontal lines to the vertical ones and I especially LOVE the “circles of light”!!! Keep on painting…..

  6. I have seen much of your finished work and it is so insightful to see HOW they are achieved. This is a visually stunning piece…I love it!

  7. Terrie,
    Fabulous work! Your dedication to detail is to be commended.
    We love the paintings we have in our home and this one is sure to brighten some one’s life as well!
    Best to you!

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