Friday, April 17: Addie Boswell

Today’s artist worked in an entirely different medium than any of our other artists so far this month.  Addie paints with oils in some of her work, but when she creates collages as she did today, she “paints” with cuttings from magazines!  Addie brought an entire “palette” of magazine clippings that she had sorted by color and value (darks and lights). 
In keeping with our Portland Spring, Addie chose to create a cityscape with a mostly gray sky, but with a hint of sunshine warming the scene.  She started by blocking in the grays in the upper part of her panel, using clippings of black-and-white text for some of the gray swatches.  As she worked, she sorted, selected, and cut her clippings to find colors, values, and patterns that would blend gradually or contrast sharply to create her image.  She stood back from her work frequently to see how the whole scene was coming together.
Addie did not refer to a specific drawing or photo as a reference.  Keeping track of how she wanted her image to look and finding the right clippings to make it all come together seemed like a challenging mental puzzle!  The final step in completing her work was to wrap the overhanging corners of paper around the edge of the panel, then finish the edges with strips of black-and-white text to frame in the whole scene.

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