Saturday, April 18: Dafna Margalit

Dafna is an artist who works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, and sculpture – wherever her creative inspiration leads.  The piece she worked on today was a mixed media sculptural piece with a variety of unusual elements.  Before she came in today, Dafna had cut and sewn a number of small, brightly colored bird-like shapes made from felt and thread.  Each piece had a slightly different form, many with faces with human features.  Part of Dafna’s work today was to stuff her felt figures with wool batting and stitch them closed. 
Dafna also brought an antique birdcage with her to use in her piece.  As she completed the scuptural figure, Dafna arranged and suspended each one inside the wire cage.  She traced the silhouette of the birdcage onto her wooden panel, and painted a deep blue sky with clouds within that shape.  When all the pieces are finished, Dafna will attach the birdcage onto the panel, pairing her three-dimensional sculpture of cloth and wire with a two-dimensional painted backing.  Dafna’s piece is one that especially needs to be seen in person, as the full effect is hard to capture in a photo!

Update 4/19/09:  The next-to-last image shows Dafna’s piece with all the parts assembled together.  One poor little birdman is lying on the bottom of the cage.  We’ve displayed this piece closer to eye-level in the exhibit so you can get a good up-close view of Dafna’s multi-dimensional work.

5 responses to “Saturday, April 18: Dafna Margalit

  1. I love the birds in the cage imagery. Sadly, I think I remember where the bird-on-the-floor-of-the-cage image comes from. I love the colors.

  2. I love the concept

  3. Silvia Medrano-Edelstein

    Wish we could see it in person! How did you come up with the idea?

  4. Sometimes an artists’ explanation of his concept/idea is as hard to explain as a dancers next move. I hope to leave it up to the viewers’ perception. Ask me about bulb syringe installation project, I can tell you about that one.

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