Tuesday, April 21: Dyna Myte

Dyna has made, taught, and judged art all over the world.  She is used to being in the public eye with her artwork and was completely comfortable being “artist on display” in the front window.  It was almost hard to keep up with taking pictures as her image took shape so quickly!
Dyna had drawn the basic outline of her subject and had painted a black background around it with acrylic before she came in today.  She used oils for the rest of her painting, but since oils can be used on top of acrylics, many painters will use fast-drying acrylics to paint large background areas so that they can get to work on more detailed areas sooner with slower drying oils.
Rather than blocking in large areas and working from rougher to smaller details over her whole canvas, Dyna worked on small areas at a time, working on each area until it was nearly finished before moving on to the next part.  In her painting of three dogs, she finished each dog separately, painting shading, fur, and features, before moving on to the next one.  After finishing her central subject, she still had plenty of time to add some grass and foliage to the background to give her family of dogs a pleasant, verdant setting.  With so many dog lovers around and Dyna’s painting being our first this month with pets as a subject, this piece should be a hit!

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