Wednesday, April 22: Ryan Bubnis

Ryan worked with ink and liquid acrylics today on a paper surface.  The absorbent paper allowed him to work with thin washes of color and to work into wet areas so the inks would spread out, making soft, blurred edges.  He took advantage of these effects by gradually covering his surface with patches of different colors and patterns, sometimes spreading colors with a brush and sometimes using an eye dropper to create small dots and spatters.  Once Ryan’s surface was filled with interlocking shapes of muted colors and soft patterns, he used a fine brush and black ink to add intricate details that contrast against his background.  Each section of these details has a different pattern: stripes, circles, scallops, checkers, and even a few faces creating additional personality and expression.  Ryan will continue to add details before we get to see the final result.  Check back soon for a picture of the finished work . . .

Update, 4/30:  With a lot more detailed pen-and-ink work and brush work in black and white, Ryan’s finished piece (last picture below) is covered with intricate detail over his original background.

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