Friday, April 24: Linda von Geldern

Linda brought in her canvas with a coat of acrylic molding paste applied in a thick, rough texture.   Her first step today was to cover most of her textured canvas with orange paint.  Over the orange, Linda rolled an uneven coat of blue.  These colors served as an underpainting that made her use of texture very effective.  As she built up more paint on her canvas, bits of the orange and blue in the low spots and dimples of the rough surface showed through the final layers.
As she worked on the underpainintg, Linda also applied an acrylic image transfer to part of her canvas.  This transfer was made by printing some photographs she had taken and edited, then using clear acrylic medium to “grab” the toner from her print, leaving an acrylic film with her image on it.
Linda used shades of grey to paint around her image transfer, then masked off the edge of a building shape and the shape of a bird and built up darker layers of paint over most of her canvas.   Next, she worked with water-soluble oil pastels, fluid acrylics, and a variety of drawing media to add subtle variation in color and shading throughout her piece.  She rubbed the oil pastels into the surface to create a burnished look that adds richness and depth to the texture and colors.  The finished work has a mysterious luster from the interplay of brightness and darkness layered into the textured surface.

One response to “Friday, April 24: Linda von Geldern

  1. My immediate response is that I love it. The techniques used are fascinating. The effect, the painting, is wonderful.

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