Sunday, April 26: Erika Lee Sears

Erika worked today with oil colors on wooden panel.  She had already started her piece with a yellow underpainting and some elements of an initial drawing.  She had done these first steps several days ago so that they would be fully dry when she came in today.  She used some alkyd medium with her paint in the first layer to help it dry faster.  The medium also made the paint hold high points and brush strokes, so some texture will show through her other layers.
Erika had taken photograph of an old truck on a wooded road that she used for reference and inspiration.  The colors in the photograph were fairly gray and muted with a sunlit sky.   Where the yellow underpainting shows through the other layers, it will bring some of the sunny warmth into the painting, so most of the layers Erika added today brought out the more muted tones.  Erika started by covering the background in the sky area with translucent white, then placed some of the shapes and lines she needed for her trees.  Next, she mixed and worked in shades of grays, greens, and blues for the road, truck, grass, and patches of blue sky. By the end of the afternoon, much of Erika’s scene had taken shape.
Erika will continue her painting by completing trees and other foliage along with more details and shading to the truck and street.  Erika’s paintings often have a high degree of fine detail and always convey a specific sense of mood and feeling in her settings.  We’re eager to see these elements continue to come together in her finished work!

Update, 5/02:  Erika’s finished piece (last picture) really came to life with the additional work she did.  Although the basic elements of the scene were apparent at the end of one sitting, the depth, dimension, light, and mood show up in the final layers!

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