Wednesday, April 29: Eve Kenyon

 Today Eve created a pastel painting of a scene in the Columbia Gorge.  She had taken several photographs to use as reference, from which she prepared a sketch in pastels to work out her composition and color palette.  Before she started today, she had prepared her surface with a golden-brown pastel and water to spread the color as a wash over the entire background.  Then she sketched out the basic lines and shapes of her composition.
Eve started today with the blue and white colors of the sky.  For the most part, she worked from background to foreground and from larger, more solid areas to finer details with more varied color.  For areas like the hills in the background, Eve built up colors that were in a similar range for subtle blends and a more quiet, solid feel.  In the middle-ground and foreground, especially in the grassy areas, she layered contrasting colors in smaller strokes to create a more and active feel.  Between the warm, vibrant colors in the grasses, Eve carefully selected and blended the blues in her palette: some that feel light and distant in the sky and foothills, and others that pop out from her toned background in the shimmering shallow water.  The whole effect captures the light, distance, motion, and stillness that one experiences while walking along the water’s edge in the Gorge.

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