Wednesday, April 30: Greg Delapaix

Quite by chance, our last artist of the month painted an abstract piece with acrylics, as did the very first artist this month.
Today, Greg Delapaix built his composition starting with large, angular blocks of color.  Even in the early stages of his work, Greg sat back from his piece to consider how the elements worked together to develop his overall composition.  After he had covered his surface with a first layer of bright, interlocking shapes, Greg took a break from his canvas and went to his sketchbook to work out the details of his next steps.  He proceeded with laying in white curved lines on his canvas that cut across his initial shapes.  Within these lines, he used white to make lighter versions of the colors on his canvas, creating an overlapping effect with the new lighter shapes.
The final stage of Greg’s painting was to place branching structures of fine blue lines into the lighter areas of his composition.  These smaller elements contrast with the flowing lighter shapes that they are placed within, yet their straight lines seem to relate to the angularity of the larger brightly colored shapes.

Thanks to Greg for capping off a month of live art making, and to all our artists this month for contributing their time and talent to this project!  Works will be on display for two more weeks.  The auction to raise funds for art supplies in schools will continue through our reception on the evening of Friday, May 15.

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