Friday, 4/2/10: Cate Anevsky

Today’s artist, Cate Anevsky, created a piece in pen and watercolor titled “Inner Demons.”  Cate likes her pieces to tell a visual story  Her works start with an idea for a narrative, which she illustrates in a style that is both simple and intricate.  One of her influences for her visual storytelling is ideas she gets when reading, often from books for children and young adults.

Cate is a versatile artist.  Her father is a woodworker and her mother sews and does a variety of crafts, so she learned a lot of DYI skills growing up.   The house she grew up in was a Victorian fixer-upper, so she also remembers helping her parents with tiling and painting projects at an early age.   In addition to painting, Cate works with fiber arts (she owns a spinning wheel!), embroidery, digital art, and many other media.

Originally from St. Louis, Cate is a relative newcomer to the Portland area.  She has found Portland to be a great place to get involved in the art scene and has stayed quite busy with art and DYI events in the year and a half she’s been here.  She’s been impressed with how much appreciation people have in this region for creative handmade work.

Cate’s piece today started with a pencil drawing on watercolor paper.  She went over her pencil line with a waterproof fine-tip pen, adding detail and varying the line style.  She added colors with watercolor washes, mixing most of her own colors from a limited selection of paints, and testing her mixed colors in swatches to develop the right shades for her painting.  When she does digital work, Cate often starts with pen drawings, then adds color on the computer, sometimes layer photography in with her illustrations.

Cate created an interesting crystal-like effect in the blue background of her piece by putting salt onto the wet paint, then letting the salt dry before removing it.  This technique pulls the water and paint away from the paper, resulting in an irregular lighter-colored pattern.

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