Tuesday, 4/6/10: Jason Kappus

Jason is an oil painter who takes patterns and textures found in nature as a reference point and transforms them into abstract compositions of color and shape.  With a background in representational, realistic drawing, he brings an exacting eye for detail, color, shape and value to his work.  Starting with his own photographs of natural textures, he manipulates his images digitally until he has a contrast of lights and darks and a balance of shapes that appeal to his eye.  This is the reference and starting point for his painting.  Up to a certain point in the process, Jason recreates his digitally created images with paint, adding the most important element, color, to his shape-and-value studies.  As the painting progresses, he departs from his reference materials and lets his eye and aesthetic sense guide him.  His focus is always on creating a pleasing visual experience for the viewer.

Jason is most concerned with the visual effect his paintings have on the viewer, whether they respond to the colors, shapes, or overall combination of elements.  Whether viewers know exactly what the original visual references were and how the work evolved is not important.  He says that viewers sometimes have their own ideas of imagery that they see in his work, but he does not attach specific pictorial meaning or symbolism to the shapes or colors he uses.

Oil colors are the medium that Jason has become most comfortable with for this style of painting.  He says that working with oil makes the process take longer since he has to wait to let layers dry before he can proceed, but that time also allows him to respond to the work so far and let the work develop visually in a personal and thoughtful way.

Jason brought a sample today that shows some of the stages his paintings follow, from line drawings, to blocking colors in, to the glazes and layers that add richness of color and depth to his work.

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