Wednesday, 4/7/10: Erika Moen

We were fortunate to have comic artist and illustrator Erika Moen join us today to create a rare stand-alone piece outside her work in comics.  Erika worked with watercolors today, a medium that she does not get to work with frequently, but that suited her style beautifully.  Her professional skills in drawing, composition and visual clarity were evident as her piece came together in the relatively short span of the afternoon.

Erika has done a number of pieces over the years that draw on octopi and tentacles as subject matter.  Her watercolor today filled the surface with a complex tangle of octopus arms.  She seemed to have no problem keeping all the parts clear in her mind, though, as she progressed from a pencil drawing to laying in colors of separate parts, then washes of overall color, then detailed line work with a brush.  Erika used a mix of warm and cool greens, variation in line width, and overlapping shapes to give her picture a sense of depth and dimension.  At one stage, she considered adding an additional painted surface that stood out from this background to build up even more depth, but as the piece developed, she was happy with the look of a single layer.

One visitor to Muse had observed that most of the pieces so far contain some element relating to sky.  Thanks to Erika for contributing the first aquatic-themed piece!

While she worked, Erika kept her computer on the table to take images of her progress, which she complied into a video.  You can see it at

One response to “Wednesday, 4/7/10: Erika Moen

  1. This is great! It’s so intricate—I don’t know how she kept all the tentacles in order. Very impressive!

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