“My Courtyard,” Theresa Andreas-Oleary

With only 3o days in April and so many artists interested in participating in “An Artist A Day,”  we chose three additional artists to contribute a piece to the exhibit/auction.  Theresa Andreas O’Leary brought in her painting yesterday.  It is a beautiful piece in acrylic with an added collage element.  Theresa has been incorporating her old dressmaking patterns into her work recently, collaging them onto the canvas with clear acrylic medium.  She used to sew a lot for her kids when they were young, so using these pattern pieces is a way of processing a new stage of life with kids grown up and moving away.  Theresa’s use of acrylics paints and mediums, along with the pattern pieces, gives her work a wonderful sense of depth and texture.  The colors she uses and the way she applies them really make her canvas glow.  She also adds detail all around the edge of her canvas, which gives her work an almost sculptural quality.

3 responses to ““My Courtyard,” Theresa Andreas-Oleary

  1. Beautiful!

  2. I love the way the painting wraps around the sides. The colors are gorgeous, and I really like the way she handles light.

  3. Theresa’s work speaks to my soul. I want to visit her courtyard…

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