Sunday, 4/11/10: Carrie Hardison

Thanks to guest writer Cameron Hawkey for today’s post

The first thing I noticed about Carrie Hardison is the frenetic pace at which she paints. Turning her canvas around often, she flits from section to section like a hummingbird traveling from flower to flower. She works in acrylic, laying thin layers of paint down over and over again, letting her paint at the speed that she does. The looseness of the Graham acrylics she paints in serves her well – her preference for light washes would be more difficult with a heavy-body paint.

An art teacher at Centennial Middle School, Carrie is a warm energetic person that paints contemplative abstract landscapes. Perhaps dreamscapes would be more fitting. “It’s all about investigating color and shape, investigating mood,” she tells me. She starts off each painting by drawing a small value study, which lets her know where the contrast and value is going to be and allowing her to concentrate on the color while she paints. “I keep a simple subject matter that engages the viewer and lets them focus on the large planes of color fragments that develop from it.”

Carrie prefers to mix all her color from the primaries, adding earth tones with burnt or raw sienna. “I’m currently in love with the siennas,” she shares. “They’re just so rich.” Her canvas is a sloping landscape of cerulean and sky blue, of cobalt and ultramarine. The compliments of orange and sienna serves as a very stimulating contrast.

UPDATE: 4/13/10: The last image shows Carrie’s  finished piece.

One response to “Sunday, 4/11/10: Carrie Hardison

  1. Wow! This piece is really serene, it’s beautiful!

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