Monday, 4/12/10: Corrine Loomis-Dietz

Corrine Loomis-Dietz is a painter, photographer, and mixed-media artist who brings a wealth of both creativity and technical know-how to her work.  In addition to her own work as an artist, Corrine is part of the GOLDEN Working Artist Program and leads many workshops about creative uses of acrylic paints and mediums.  For Corrine, knowledge is creative freedom. Her extensive knowledge of the properties of acrylic gels, polymers, and paints allows her to approach her work with confidence and playfulness.  Whatever she can imagine, she can realize on her canvas.  When she gets a new inspiration or decides to change direction in a piece, she has an unlimited repertoire of techniques to draw from so she can go wherever her imagination leads her.

Today, Corrine created some image transfers and “glued” them onto a solid-colored background with clear acrylic gel.  The process of image transfers basically involves painting clear acrylic onto a laser copy, letting the acrylic dry, and scrubbing off the paper to leave a clear “skin” that retains the image.  Corrine used her own photographs as imagery.

Other techniques Corrine used as she worked included using a palette knife to spread a thickly textured mix of acrylic paint and acrylic gel; swirling acrylic airbrush colors into Golden Clear Tar Gel to create glass-like twists of color; and tinting her image transfers with transparent glazes of paint mixed with acrylic polymer.  An excellent resource on these and many other techniques with acrylic paints and mediums is the book Rethinking Acrylic by Patti Brady, which includes an artist profile on Corrine’s work with image transfers –available at Muse Art and Design (currently on order).

Of all our guest artists this month, Corrine has traveled the farthest to take part in “An Artist A Day.”   She’s a resident of the Salem area, and is very active in her community supporting art education and cultural organizations.  She hopes to encourage artists and others in the Salem area to put together an event similar to “An Artist A Day” in the future!

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