Wednesday, 4/14/10: Jolie Guillebeau

Jolie took some time from her busy painting schedule today to…work on another painting!  For the past 59 days, Jolie has challenged herself to finish a painting every day.  She will continue for 41 more days until she’s done 100 paintings in 100 days.  So today’s painting was actually her second for the day.  (Follow her progress and see the results at

Jolie is very goal oriented in her art and her life.  She likes to set out to do things with purpose and plan her steps to reach her goals.  The things this approach to life has led her to do include teaching art, math, and English to children on a ship off the west coast of Africa; working at an art museum and studying painting in Seattle; and successfully building a following for her work on the internet.  In her art, Jolie places a lot of importance on investing in developing her skills and in using good materials.  That part of art is something she takes seriously.

But the critical, intellectual aspects that often get attached to art are something Jolie does not take seriously at all. To Jolie, art is not about theoretical arguments regarding how things should or should not be.  “Make what resonates with you,” she says,  “It’s about making stuff and being active.”

Jolie has painted with acrylics and watercolors as well as oils, but oils are her favorite because of the freedom they give her to adapt and rework as she paints.  Her work today was a still life, but she did not work from a specific grouping of objects or from a photo.  She has painted all the objects in today’s paintings many times and re-assembled them into a single work in her imagination.

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