Sunday, 4/18/10: Jenn Woodward

Jenn created her piece today using acrylic paint and graphite pencils on a primed wooden panel.  Precise definitions and categories do not always apply to art, and Jenn’s work is a good example of blurring the boundaries between “drawing” and “painting.”  Although she skillfully incorporates acrylics for color, texture, and subtle blending,  Jenn’s first love is drawing. Her use of line, pattern, and the silvery effect of graphite show how expressive, intriguing, and powerful a simple pencil can be.

Jenn is interested in the narrative, symbolism, and psychology  of fairy tales, especially those with a darker and stranger aspects.  She is interested in exploring deeper, more contemporary messages and ideas found in stories familiar from childhood.  In addition to leading viewers to think about a possible story behind her images, she wants her work to raise questions and to engage viewers at both an intellectual and emotional level.

In addition to mixed media paintings and drawings, Jenn’s work has included installations and video pieces.  Her formal art training includes an M.F.A from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Jenn also has a background as a dancer, which is evident in the very communicative postures and body language in the figures she draws.

Jenn started her piece today by drawing figures from some photo references.  She continued to layer paint and pencil, building both physical and visual texture.  By blending the acrylic and graphite together in some areas and contrasting intricate pencil lines against solid color in other areas, she created a great deal of richness and variation throughout her piece while using a palette of only a few colors.

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