Monday, 4/26/10: Anna Magruder

Thanks to guest writer Kinoko for today’s post.

Five years ago Anna Magruder reinvented her style through oil painting. Following a career in graphic design with illustration in acrylics, Anna found in oils a medium that would allow her to carefully carve out and develop a personal stylized representation of images. Through pale honey hues and rich peacock, Anna tells stories in oil paint.

Today she painted from an old photograph. She uses found pictures of the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. Sepia and grayscale portraits are transformed into surreal characters with delicate skin tones and telling eyes. These are strong men, women and sometimes animals. A pair of youthful women standing side by side in nostalgic lemon and blue dresses was her subject today. She groomed them from the photographic muse into wide eyed, imaginary illustration. ”I find the ones that grab me and fall in love with them,” she admitted about the pictures.

Her work is pleasing to look at as it carries a timeline and an event. Confident gazes, a muted palette and balanced consistency are reliable in her work. Beyond the figure and the subject are such subtleties in color offering hints of hue through the use of unbleached titanium and rose grey. Her use of Gamblin Galkyd Lite enables her to paint smooth, glossed brush lines with an especially buttered appearance while they are wet on the canvas. Informational details such as pattern and hairstyle in her portraits stand as clues to time period and add social posture to her characters.

Anna lives in Portland, where she paints from a North East studio. Her work is online Currently her work is solo at East Bank Commerce Center on SE Water St. and in a group show titled ‘Rainy Day Wild Fire’ at Olympic Mills Commerce center. Through May Anna Magruder’s prints will display at Cricket Café.



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