Wednesday, 4/28/10: Jillian Doughty

Jillian Doughty is a quick-witted NW original who’s a mom as well as an artist and commercial photographer. She lives in NE Portland with her husband and two kids and was raised in a third generation SW Washington fruit farm in Orondo. A fine art photographer, she began to dabble in real estate photography over the past year and was surprised to find how well she liked it. As well as assisting people to sell their homes, making extra money for her family, and using her art and design background, she also gets to put her photography skills to good, practical use.

One theme that comes through when speaking with Jillian is her entrepreneurial spirit merging with her resourceful nature. Although she has had no formal art training (she studied fruit tree science in college), her need to create is evident in the many projects she describes. She says that at one point in her youth, her parents were out of staples, and rather than wait for a refill, she began to fashion her own homemade staples. She used a similar resourcefulness when she needed an applicator for ink, and rather than order one, she tinkered with a pen nib and some tubing and created her own ink applicator.

Jillian loves searching through bargain bins, especially to find teapots, saucers and porcelain containers to draw on and sell. This repurposing and upcycling formed the basis for her Etsy shop which sells her illustrated glass and metal designs at Upon establishing it, the Etsy shop took off so rapidly she had to pare back a bit during the holidays so it didn’t take over her life. The Etsy shop also served as a conduit for commissioned work like that of the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston. She especially loves the flawed pieces she finds, even in her own artwork.

Today’s work harkens back to her childhood of growing up on a fruit farm. The apple blossoms, she says, that grow for commercial purposes are much more robust and clustered than the ones we see in the urban environment. She brought in a photo of an apple blossom from her family’s farm that she is sketching. A few new things she is excited to try out: textured Strathmore illustration board that erases her pencil drawings well (better than the smoother variety, she says) and a Copic Multiliner pigmented ink pen from Muse Art and Design.

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