Friday, 4/30/10: Marcus Gannuscio

For our final day of live painting, our guest artist was oil painter Marcus Gannuscio.  Marcus (also our resident oil painting expert who you will often see behind the counter at Muse Art and Design) has studied painting at PNCA and at the Art Center in Pasadena.  Originally from Southern California, Marcus first came to Portland to study illustration at PNCA, but ended up specializing in oil painting.  Marcus is never far from his sketch book and diligently puts in daily sketching time to keep his drawing skills sharp.  He stays busy painting as well, usually creating large portraits, many of which are commissioned works.  He brought a recently finished portrait today to display while he worked (seen in the background of one of the photos below).

Marcus’ work is realistic and representational and can look almost photographic when seen at a distance or when scaled down for websites or printed photos.  When seen up close and in person, though, his works show a lot of expressive, economical brushwork, accomplished with large brushes and thick application of paint.  Although he focuses primarily on portraits, Marcus also paints landscapes and still lifes.  His piece today was a still life of a scale and wooden blocks found at an antique mall.

Last December, Marcus saw an exhibit of works in oils on glass by Pasadena painter Ray Turner.  He was fascinated by the look of the paintings on glass backed by brightly colored panels.  Marcus decided to experiment with this technique today for his still life.  He found that it was tricky to keep from wiping paint off the glass as he applied new brushstrokes over previous layers, but he was able to adapt his technique as he went so that he could blend colors and create details effectively.

Although our 30 days of artists working live at Muse Art and Design are over for this year, An Artist a Day will continue through May 13 as artists continue to bring in finished works.  You can place bids to purchase the works created throughout the month by calling Muse at 503-231-8704.  You are also invited to attend the final reception on Thursday, May 13 from 6-8pm at Muse Art and Design, 4224 SE Hawthorne Boulevard.  We will continue to post updates to this blog in coming days as artists bring completed works in.

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