Sunday, 4/3/11: Virginia Church

Thanks to guest writer Mesha Koczian for today’s post

Virginia Church has been painting in oil for “a long time” but found herself drawn to acrylics because of how slow the oil paints are to dry. She picked them up again last fall and has fallen in love with them; she can’t seem to recall why she despised them to begin with. She loves going out to the Gorge and the little nature spots in Portland to take pictures to bring home and paint. She paints anything that catches her eye including inanimate objects. She makes a quick charcoal sketch of her picture to gauge the values and placement of everything. Then she gessos a wood panel and lightly sketches the scene before painting. Virginia likes acrylics (which she used today) because she can easily and quickly lay down her layers building from light to dark. Her favorite scenes are dark and dramatic with a little light glowing through. “I like being able to work all over the surface instead of just one piece at a time,” Virginia explains as she lays down her first basic coat. She mixes her paints with water to get the full range of value they can offer. Only her final layer and tiny details are added using thick, dark color.

The last picture below shows Virginia’s painting at the end of the day Sunday. We’ll post an update with a picture of the finished painting.
UPDATE: The final picture shows Virginia’s finished painting.  For information about placing a bid to purchase this piece, go to

Click on thumbnails to see larger pictures.

One response to “Sunday, 4/3/11: Virginia Church

  1. Virginia Church

    I have a small correction; I’ve been painting since about 1959, so a little more than four years!

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