Friday, 4/8/11: Jenn Feeney

Jenn, who has primarily worked in printmaking in recent years, painted with acrylics today.  Her prints, mostly monotypes or “painterly prints” are colorful, multilayered abstract compositions. (  Now that she’s spending more time painting with acrylics, and sometimes oils, she finds that her paintings are usually in a more representational style.

Printmaking is a very process-oriented art form, often involving experimentation and accidental discoveries.  Although Jenn’s process when painting is intuitive and not entirely planned in advance, she does find that her paintings start with more of a specific idea and follow certain steps to reach a look that she has in mind.  Her painting today was inspired by some art installations she saw a couple of years ago.  She had taken pictures of some objects and sculptures she liked and saved them thinking she’d create her own art piece sometime with some of the forms and textures that she was drawn to in the installations.  In addition to reimagining her subject  by combining ideas from different installation pieces, Jenn brought her characteristic vivid palette to her painting, using some of her favorite warm yellows, oranges, and bright greens.  She started with a charcoal outline on a wooden panel, then built up thin layers of color, using acrylic glazing liquid mixed with her paints.  Her use of transparent layers give her painting depth and luminosity, qualities that are not always seen in acrylic paintings.

The last picture below shows Jenn’s painting at the end of the day Friday.  She will continue to build add layers of color and detail to complete her painting.  UPDATE:  The final picture shows Jenn’s finished painting.  Visit for information about bidding on this piece.

Click on thumbnails to see larger pictures.

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