Saturday, 4/9/11: Dustin Gluvna

Thanks to guest writer Cameron Hawkey for today’s post.

Dustin Gluvna is a recent Portland transplant, favoring the artistic community here over the bustle of Santa Fe. He used to work on movies in Santa Fe, but he wanted to start drawing again.

I arrive early, and catch Dustin at the beginning of his piece. He takes a break to talk to me about his art. It looks as if he is using a .05 Micron pen, with the larger areas filled in with larger sizes, all drawn on a sturdy sheet of Cold Press Crescent Illustration board. It’s clean and crisp.

He flexes his hands as we talk. “My hand is cramping up,” he admits. “I haven’t been drawing as much as I’d like to. I’m glad for the lack of distraction here, though.” I decide to take an early lunch, and let him work up to a good pace.

When I get back, his initial scallops and swirls have turned into a big black teetering tower. It’s meticulous, with patterns running & flowing into each other that spontaneously turn into architecture.

“I like thinking about how heavy things are, and why someone would build something like this,” he says as he dutifully fills in the support beams of a platform board by board. A catapult or possibly a winch rests on the platform. “I really like architecture, how buildings are designed,” he explains. “I also like how things grow.” He points to where he started, at the east side of the tower, halfway down. “I start with a couple of shoots, and then it grows into a tower with cities on top of a mountain, with a sun and clouds, and birds in the distance.”

As a final question, I ask Dustin what art is. “Art is bringing something out from inside your mind, and letting people feed off of it,” he says. If that’s the case, then the city that he is drawing may very well be of his own mind: full of distractions and asides, but machines that are working away everywhere throughout.

The third picture below is a composite of three different stages in the progress of Dustin’s drawing. The final picture shows Dustin’s drawing at the end of the day Saturday, he’ll give his hand a rest and continue adding details.  We’ll post an update with a picture of the finished drawing.

Click on thumbnails for larger pictures.

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