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Monday, April 20: Alesia Zorn

Alesia brought lots of fun things with her today to use for her mixed media collage, including old photographs, stencils, foils, and acrylic mediums.  And since she is an expert calligrapher, some special collage elements she brought were written words and phrases in a variety of scripts and styles.
Alesia has experimented with a wide range of acrylic mediums that create texture, add gloss and sparkle, and help make various materials stick together and receive paint.  Today, she started by applying aluminum foil to her canvas with acrylic gel.  She used the foil both as a textural element and as a reflective surface that makes light shine back through paint.  Alesia used a stylus to inscribe drawings of roses into the foil — the first hint that her collage would be a tribute to Portland, the City of Roses.
Along with an acrylic medium that helps paint to stick to nonporous surfaces, Alesia applied paint to her foil and canvas.  She used stencils to apply acrylic modeling paste and contrasting colors of paint, adding tactile and visual texture to her collage.  She also arranged her swatches of text as she built up layers so that some are embedded under other layers and some are closer to the surface.  Some of the last elements she added were the photographs, to which she had added additional textured gels and paint.  Because many of the materials Alesia used have shimmering qualities that reflect and refract light, some of the colors in her piece shift in appearance as the piece is viewed from different angles.  Another piece that must be seen in person for the full effect!