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Tuesday, April 7: Linda Womack

Linda’s medium is encaustic painting, an ancient technique that is experiencing a big resurgence.  All paints contain pigment and some type of substance that holds the pigment together:  oil paints use linseed or walnut oil, acrylic paints use acrylic polymer, and encaustics use beeswax (along with some resin to make the wax more durable).
Linda has written a great book about encaustic painting and teaches many workshops.  Those who were lucky enough to come by and watch her work were treated to a free ongoing lecture-demonstration about the techniques and materials of encaustic painting!
For today’s piece, Linda collaborated with Marcy Baker, who had created a monoprint that Linda used as a first layer of her painting.  After adhering Marcy’s work to a panel, Linda built up layers of encaustic paint to add color, details, and texture.  Encaustics are a very versatile medium, allowing collage elements, scratching/scraping/carving, adding color, removing color, and application with a variety of tools.  The transparency of the wax is ideal for layered effects and visual depth.
Linda brought a whole arsenal of specialized tools, including a griddle to use as a hot palette, a torch to melt and fuse layers, and a variety of instruments to incise lines, scrape in textures, and carve away wax.
Even while providing continuous educational commentary as she worked, Linda was able to complete her piece in an afternoon.  The final picture captures the color and composition, but it’s another one that you need to see in person to really appreciate the depth and layering.

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