Monday, April 27: Judith Devine

Judy creates collages with a  process that involves sealing each element with acrylic polymer and heat from an iron.  This technique fuses together the pieces with a smooth, seamless look and an almost glassy depth and surface.  Judy started today by using acrylic medium tinted with a light rust color to tone her panel, giving it a background hue that would tie in with the palette she’d selected for her collage elements.  She finished the edge of her panel with the tinted acrylic and copper-colored paper.  She had prepared some painted pieces on paper to use for her collage, which she also coated with the tinted acrylic.
As she was preparing her paper pieces with her panel face down for the edges to dry, Judy had a sudden inspiration.  She decided that the back of the braced panel would work beautifully as a surface to assemble the pieces of her collage.  Along with her painted faces, Judy brought rolls and scraps of decorative paper that she had selected for their colors, patterns and textures.  She arranged and layered her collage elements into the four sections of her panel along with the painted faces and fused each layer with acrylic medium and heat.  By the end of the afternoon, Judy had completed accents and details in some sections of her collage, but she wanted to continue adding more elements to some parts.  She will complete her collage in her studio and bring her finished piece back soon for the exhibit.

Update, 4/29:  The last image below show’s Judy’s finished piece.  The varied colors in the foils around the frame really set off the rich colors and patterns of the inner panels.

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